The technique 

Let’s face it, when it comes to cleaning our homes, our ovens often get neglected. Carpet Crew’s Professional Oven Cleaning service will give your neglected oven the TLC it needs. We will bring your oven back to life by deep cleaning it internally, along with the racks, the glass door and the hobs.

We pride ourselves on using industry leading NON-Caustic products to remove the deepest of grime and bring back that shine. Giving you piece of mind that your oven is hygienic, safe to use, and free of nasty fumes.

We eradicate all traces of grease and carbon, all whilst fully protecting the interior and exterior of your oven.

 The Deep Clean will involve:

  • Removing all racks and placing into our dip-tray, prior to being cleaned.
  • Removing and cleaning all inner panels of the oven.
  • Cleaning and polishing the glass door.

The work is completed within two to three hours and your oven is safe and ready to use immediately.

Did You Know… 

Off-the-shelf domestic oven cleaners pose a health risk to children and pets. Unlike our Oven Cleaning products, which cause minimal disturbances to the everyday household.

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