There are Many Good
Reasons to get your
Carpets Cleaned:

1.   To Prolong its Life

2.  To Eradicate Daily Grime and Dust Mites

3.  To Eliminate Bad Odours from Pets and Cigarette Smoke

4.  To Remove Stubborn Stains  

5. To  Restore its Colour


Did You Know…

Your carpets can hold as much as 4x their weight in dirt.

Carpets are a catch-all for pet hair, dust mites and dead skin cells.


We at Carpet Crew recommend cleaning your carpets at least once a year.

Cleaning Process for Rugs and Upholstery

Before we proceed we will determine the fibre content to enable the most suitable cleaning
method for your rug or upholstery; or if it should be cleaned at all (some rugs or upholstery can be
spoiled by cleaning).

We pre-treat and tackle all imbedded blemishes and stains manually…should it be curry stains from
that chicken masala or red wine spilled from a dinner party. We will then progress with the steam clean
until the water comes back clean.

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