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The Carpet Crew provide a thorough and professional cleaning service to revitalise and clean upholstery and soft furnishings

We understand that different fabrics have different care-requirements; therefore we conduct an extensive inspection to determine the exact cleaning process. This ensures that your upholstery or soft furnishings are cleaned accordingly.

Exploiting the latest advances in the field, we are able to clean upholstery safely, meticulously and professionally, with the utmost care and attention. Our thorough, yet gentle cleaning approach safeguards your upholstery against shrinkage and restores appearance.

Leather Furniture

Leather furniture has its own beauty and elegance and makes a gorgeous statement to any visitors entering your home or office. However, it must be kept in good condition at all times to preserve perfection and brilliance of your leather décor as long as possible.

The average leather sofa is subject to all sorts of accidents and abuse just as spillages, daily ‘wear and tear’, common stains, odours and fading. Our leather protection service is the best way of extending the life and upholding the appearance of leather furniture. It’s guaranteed to clean, condition and protect finished and unfinished leather using products that are safe and tested through time.