1.Why should I have my leather upholstery professionally cleaned?

Leather requires regular care to maintain its softness and suppleness. Most over the counter, shop bought products provide instant aid but result in long-term damage. Specialist products applied by skilled technicians ensure your leather will remain looking and feeling great for years to come.


2.Which types of leather does Carpet Crew clean?

We clean a wide variety of leather, including suede, aniline, pigmented, and oil and waxed leather.


3.How does Carpet Crew clean leather?

Our professional technician will clean and nourish your leather by applying and removing a cleaner that eradicates harmful soils. The leather is then heated to open pores and take in the moisture, leaving your upholstery feeling as good as when you first bought it.


4.How often should I clean my leather upholstery?

Manufacturers advise that you have your upholstery cleaned every 6-12 months.


5.What is the difference between a household cleaner and Carpet
Crews leather cleaning system?

Domestic cleaners comprise of silicones and oils that offer outer layer protection, but result in dehydrating and damaging your leather. Our high-end leather cleaners deliver long-term revival, without the damaging side effects.