Natural stone and hard floors

Linoleum and Vinyl floor cleaning

Once or twice a year your floor will need a deep scrubbing, especially if it has deep
grooves or designs. Over time, through neglect or poor maintenance soiling builds
up and hard floors can start to look unsightly.

The Carpet Crew will thoroughly deep clean the ingrained dirt and the old seal,
with a stripping product, before the floor is cleaned and a surface seal reapplied.
The surface seal adds to its appearance and will protect the floor for many
years to come. 


The restoration process consists of removing the old wax/seal using powerful
specialised restoration equipment and wax residue remover. The area is then
neutralised and left to dry before applying sealer and hi-gloss liquid wax.



Floor polishing and cleaning.  To provide the desired finish the restoration process
consists of a three step process that starts with grinding the surface  of the stone with
a coarse grade diamond abrasive pad. The second step is to hone the surface of the
stone with a finer abrasive pad. The final step in marble and limestone cleaning is to
polish the surface of the stone with a power polish.

Jet Stream Pressure Washing

Outdoor Surfaces

We professionally and safely remove years of dirt, moss, algae, grime and lichen
to make the surfaces aesthetically pleasing. Our programme not only restores
paving to its original state but also has a sealing treatment to protect and enhance its
façade. We have a range of jet washing surfaces designed to bring the exterior of a
property back to life.

Surfaces we regularly
undertake include:

Block and crazy paving





Pattern imprinted concrete

Natural stone

Decorative slabs


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